2011 - Ten years perspective!
(on 45 years of 2x2ism!)
Today, we feel like David in Ps 40:2 "He brought me up also out of an horrible pit, out of the miry clay, set my feet upon a rock, established my goings -- and put a new song in our mouth." Before he became king, David had the painful history of being unjustly condemned by a self-interested leadership, rejected  and expelled, -- but later , as the dust settled, he could pen this beautiful Psalm.

Any extremist religious  group with an  uncontrolled, yet actively  fostered,  and doctrinally obsessed self-focus, a deeply rooted internal self-admiration and then a completely unchallenged  conviction of superior  moral understanding over any other people sharing a place on our planet --- there is bound to be a complete  melt-down of simple basic  honesty  -- and guaranteed to be a hypocrisy pandemic of enormous proportion . Why is this so hard to see from the 'inside'? And yet so clearly obvious from any normal perspective?


This is a Summary of Correspondence with 2x2 leadership beginning (for us) with the obviously corrupt and clearly power-political  expulsion of my cousin Marg Magowan  from the work in Saskachewan 2001 and , a  portion of the subsequent fallout in the group, including our own collective rejection as a family 2001 . (Ten years ago now)

There are also a number of links to  information regarding the  infamous mass-excommunication process in Alberta  a number of years previous, and numerous other issues of organizational dishonesty and denial.  Issues that now have been very clearly exposed, as light has been brought to bear on  aspects of the group that traditionally/internally  are kept under strict camouflage, and that are dishonestly denied in ordinary dialog  (financial organization, legal organization, sexual abuse issues, organizational origin, leadership election and control,  etc) Issues that membership is denied  insight into .. the demand is simply to trust leadership. Amongst the large and growing body of 'exes' a number of individuals have 'dared' to thoroughly  investigate a number of the basic insinuations.. and these results have revealed an enormous discrepancy between reality, and the implied explanations of leadership to their own followers (and others). The demand for complete leadership trust has unfortunatly chocked even the most simple forms of moral resolve,  from the entire organization..

The complete indifference and disregard  that ordinary established membership  have responded to this obvious, and carefully documented moral deficiency in leadership policy, is even more significant and troubling, than any of these these clearly outlined  mistakes made by high ranking individuals in 2x2 leadership.

Notice the clear similarity with Luke 10 in the story of the good Samaritan -- where 'they'  (priests and Levites) ) were made aware of  the plight of the abused, but turned their heads, and chose non-commitingly to  ignore and 'go by' on the other side of the road.  This striking similarity makes me  quite ashamed of former co-workers, relatives and friends that I mistakenly had grown up to believe did have a certain degree of moral strength, and purpose to uphold basic honor and truth. In my efforts to deal with my feelings on this issue, I have since tried to excuse, or at least explain,  the utter moral cowardice this expresses, as the sad product of  group indoctrination. Yet, regardless of my understanding of this, the thought is still an extreme disappointment, and is  personally painful for me! (considering my 16 years in the work and 45 years professing)

Note: I would be more than happy to help confirm the the authenticity and veracity  in these documents and deductions if anyone should question. I am available at

There are also documents here highlighting the ultra ugly 'slander and smear' policy that leadership applies to more or less ALL ex-membership -- especially distasteful in the story of Marg Magowans expulsion from the work.

Note: Bob Williston kindly began saving and recording the correspondence aspect of this information. I took it over when he closed his site. Many thanks to him for keeping this record of correspondence back during the period when I was so emotionally involved in the dialog with 2x2 leadership that  most of these writings would have vanished  except for him.

My daughter Nona and I 2010

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2x2 European Central Command
(we were told that this central command approved our rejection from 2x2ism 2001)

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  Sex offenders files
Account of Edmonton Meeting Court convicted child sexual abusers within 2x2ism
Comparible to a similar problem within other celibacy based priesthoods such as the Catholic church - Court convictions are just the tiny tip of the iceberg!!
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