NOTE: The ONLY issue mentioned at the expulsion meeting was her refusal to promise to abandon her friendship with some of the excommunicated folks in Alberta. Later 2x2 leadership assembled an extensive collection of slander and libel that was injected in different ways, and into different aspects of the fellowship in a panic attempt to conceal the extremely ugly power-political motives for silencing her.

This pix is my cousin Marg Magowan taken before she was expelled from the work.

 Marg is a wonderful example of, even when directly confronted with an  extremely overbearing and power hungry leadership - a leadership obsessed with a highly group-political prestige issue, of her being willing to stand for basic, well accepted  Christian principle regardless the personal cost. This issue clearly exemplifies an enormous moral failure by group leadership .. and even more serious, the clearly distasteful moral cowardice by the vast majority of membership and lower ranking workers who chose to simply 'look the other way'.

Her dads letter seeking justice and understanding for his daughter

1042 Spadina Cres E; Saskatoon, SK S7K 3H7

February 22, 2001n

Dear Folks,



I feel I need to inform you of an incident that took place in Regina on Friday Feb 16th.

Dale Shultz asked me to visit with himself, Merlin Affleck, Jim Atcheson and Mary Roper. During the visit I was questioned as to who I had seen in Alberta during my travels to BC in December and my travels back from BC in January. I gave a few names of people I had visited with that workers no longer visit. Dale made it clear to me that the Alberta staff as well as the Sask staff are uncomfortable that I had made those visits. He asked me to promise that I would not visit those folks again. I told him I could not promise that. He asked at some point for the others present to express how they felt. Merlin was the first to express his viewpoint that my visiting in Alberta was "clearly out of order". Jim and Mary were in agreement with him.

Dale then stated that as far as future meetings were concerned that I was no longer in the work. We all shook hands and I left with Mary. At the end of the day, I left my field of Yorkton for Saskatoon where I will be until it becomes clear to me what I need to do next.

The bottom line of the visit was this: As a worker, I must not maintain contact with anyone the workers in Alberta no longer visit. My position was this: I am committed to maintaining contact with these people.

This is neither immoral nor ungodly. To be put out of the work and to have people encouraged not to trust me anymore is unjust. To be asked to do the very opposite of what I committed to in this work, to reach out in care to all who desire Christ, is unthinkable. "God is no respecter of persons."

What I am asking you to do is to please consider this behaviour and ask yourself if this is a reasonable thing.

You will want to get the perspective of the others attending the meeting and consider both together.

Please feel free to contact me for any further clarification, comments or discussion on this matter or any other matter pertaining to our service to God. My phone number in Saskatoon is 306-652-8832.


Marg Magowan