He Had It Planned Long Ago
(A wedding hymn-
story at the bottom)

1. We come to a moment so great in our lives,
We look at each other, with tears in our eyes,
So thankful to God for this moment in time,
But he had it planned long ago.

Chorus: He holds the heavens in space, the world in its place;
The mountains and valleys are all His, we know.
A man and a woman, a love that's forever, yes,
He had it planned long ago.

2. Today there's the question: "how long will it last,
How soon will the joy of this moment be past?"
The answer is, "Never" if we really know
That He had it planned long ago.

3. There's nobody greater that God up above,
He'll keep us together with His great arms of love.
And we'll never be lonely on earth, here below,
For He had it planned long ago.

Ending: (Chorus twice and..) Oh-, yes, He had it planned long ago.




(A wedding song)
(1974 MANNA Music, words and music by Andrew Culverwell

A Mennonite Pastor and his wife adopted me when I was eight months old. After serving the Lord for over 50 years, they retired.  Ten years later, my mother became sick with Cancer. In desperation, my Dad called upon all his friends to pray for a miracle: that God would heal her. But the Lord took her home. At the funeral, I sang "Suppertime". My Dad was 80 years old and extremely lonely: next to the Lord, Mom was his only source of strength and encouragement.  He never could figure out how to work the washer and dryer! Like a lot of men, he had never even considered the possibility that his wife would go first and he would be left behind. He even began to doubt God's goodness, which he had preached all his life.

Then he met Helen. They were married on Remembrance Day, Nov 11, 1988 at 11:00 O'clock. Although they were pacifist, the Bride came down the aisle and then the service stopped for a minute of silence to remember the fallen who had paid the supreme sacrifice for our freedom.  I am sure Dad was also thinking of the Great I AM who also paid the Ultimate Supreme Sacrifice that we might have life.  I sang this song at the Wedding service.  Helen has been so good to Dad and they have been very happy. This song rings true: God must have had it planned long ago. Dad is 93 now, and finally slowing down, but he still gets all teary eyed when he hears this song by Andrew Culverwell of Great Britain: