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Minutes of the meeting where the organization 

‘Kristna I Sverige’ (Christians in Sweden) was constituted. 1992-10-01 in Stockholm

1 Atle Skalleberg was chosen as chairman of the meeting

2 Henning Jensen was chosen as secretary and Leif Pålsson as auditor.

3 Present at the meeting besides the above persons were Oddbjörn Skalleberg, Eldon Knudson, Edgar Massey*, Lennart Skalleberg, Anita Skalleberg, Ketty Jensen.

4 The proposed constitution of the organization (enclosed document) was accepted and the meeting decided to constitute the organization.

5 The meeting made the decision to declare all present as members

6 For the time until the annual meeting were the following board members chosen.

Group A:
Eldon Knudson

Group B
Atle Skalleberg (chairman) and
Henning Jensen
As well as auditor Leif Pålsson

7 Eldon Knudson was appointed preacher/apostle in the organization
Eldon will receive free board and support
This shall primarily come from the members.
The organization guarantees that Eldon will receive free board and support.

8 Signing rights were in accordance with the constitution given to Eldon Knudson and Atle Skalleberg each on their own.

Minutes are signed by

Atle Skalleberg
Henning Jensen
Leif Pålsson



Constitution of the organization ’Kristna i Sverige’ (Christians in Sweden)


1 - Name: The organisations name is Christians in Sweden Organization


2 -  Purpose: The organization has the goal to in all simplicity, uprightness and respect spread the doctrine of Jesus Christ according to the bible.


3 – Organization and field of activity: The organizations members are divided into 2 groups.

Group A: Preachers/apostles

Group B: Believers/disciples


Preachers/apostles (group A) have left their professions and property and gone out in faith to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ according to the teaching of the bible. Matthew 19:21 and 27 and Matthew 28:18-20. They shall strengthen the believers, teach the Bible, visit the hospitals, take funerals and be a support and encouragement for the believers in their homes and in their work as well as encourage them to be good citizens in their country. As well they shall spend their whole time to freely and to all preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Group A receive no wage but the organization garantees them free board and support. Luke 8:3.


Believers in group B shall live in their own homes, have their own profession and shall have no economic responsibilities to the organization.


Worship services are to be held in the believers homes. Acts 2:46 and 20:7.


The organization shall not own buildings or property and shall not receive government money. Gifts and support to the organization shall be used completely to cover costs for the organizations activities and conventions, the organizations preachers/apostles as well as support to similar work in other countries.


4 - Membership/Dues: The right to membership is given to every person who shares the organizations goals. There are no membership dues.


5 – Board of directors: The organizations board of directors consists of at least 3 members. On from Group A and 2 from Group B, where one is chairman.

The board of directors has its center in Stockholm.


6 – Business Organization: The organizations business signing rights are given to a director from group A and the chairman, each on their own.


7 – Accountant: The organization shall chose an accountant each year.


8 – Business year: The business year of the organization is one calender year.


9- Organizations annual meeting: The organizations annual meeting shall be held once a year at the first meeting of the year.

At the annual meeting the following points be dealt with.

Chosing of a chairman for the meeting

Chosing of a secretary and accountant

Creating a voting list

Approval of the handling of activities during the business year

Chosing the board of directors and chairman

Chosing an accountant

Other questions


At the annual meeting each member has one vote.


10 – Dissolution: The annual meeting where the organization is dissolved decides over the dispersal of  capital. Capital shall not be divided amongst the members.